Northfield’s 22nd Winter Walk is right around the corner, and guess who will be there? Santa’s elves, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Frosty the Snowman, of course! Come look for them as they meander up and down Division Street after the Tree Lighting Ceremony (5:00 PM) - if, that is, you can pull yourself away from Northfield Library’s Magic of Model Trains exhibit (starting at 3:30 PM).

Have you ever panted past the Headley House during a run on the Carleton College campus and wondered who lived there? Maybe you happened upon the Marston Headley Research Room while investigating the Northfield Historical Society and wondered why a library research room would be named for anyone?

For students, the news headlines say it all: College costs too much.  This has been the way of the academic world for decades. But a college education has been held up to be their future hope for job and success. What are they to do now? The current Covid-19 pandemic has forced educational institutions at all levels to change their classroom protocols from casual face-to-face to virtual instruction and to think outside the educational box.

Well over one hundred years ago, when travelers needed gasoline, tire repair or directions, they made their way to the filling station. From general store to sidewalk pumps to the covered drive-in station, the filling station made filling their tanks convenient and safe, even providing free air and water. Despite advancements in technology, not much has changed.

What do these names have in common: Paul Bunyan --Tater Tot Hotdish -- Luke Skywater -- Drainy McDrainface? They are all names of Minnesota Storm Drains, also known as Catch Basins. These particular catch basins are part of a community volunteer program called Adopt-A-Drain.

Make it local. Make it Northfield. Enjoy a walk along the Cannon River and the sights, smells, and sounds of this year’s Fall Celebration Market October 9 at Bridge Square. Check out the new vendors for this special event and greet your favorite regulars.

The latest in apartment living in Northfield can be found downtown at 5th Street Lofts and down the road apiece on Jefferson Road at Timberlake Apartments. Both built in 2020-2021, they have much to offer the discerning renter.

It has been said that the only thing that you can count on is change. And so it is in Northfield. The latest winds of change swept over two elementary schools—Sibley and Longfellow. In October 2020, the school board considered changes in policy regarding the naming of school buildings and facilities.

One hundred forty-five years ago a notorious outlaw gang rode into town with plans to rob the First National Bank, but brave citizens of Northfield rallied to the cry, “Get your guns, boys—they’re robbing the bank!” and denied them one more cash withdrawal.  That day, brave men put their lives on the line and defended their bank and their right to live in peace, and the James—Younger Gang was never the same.  

I've always loved puzzles, trivia, and history, so I've created a series of real estate and community themed crossword puzzles! Download the PDF and try your hand at local knowledge in the form of a crossword puzzle. Look for a new puzzle every month.