Points of Interest

Area destinations that are soon to become favorites

Change is the one constant in life and, for good or ill, it touches even our motivating principles. The drive for education, abolition, and temperance that brought so many west to Northfield, mellowed with time and life experience. Northfield residents helped establish—not one, but—two colleges.  

Make it local. Make it Northfield. Enjoy a walk along the Cannon River and the sights, smells, and sounds of this year’s Fall Celebration Market October 9 at Bridge Square. Check out the new vendors for this special event and greet your favorite regulars.

At this time of year, we hear a lot about peace on Earth and goodwill to men, and it can be hard to remember that peace is a very unusual state for humanity. In Rome, the temple to the god Janus was to be open whenever Rome was at war and closed in times of peace – in the first 750 years of Roman history, the temple was closed only twice.

Living in Northfield with two small boys, questions about the Cannon River are inescapable.  “Why is it called the Cannon River?” asks my 6-year-old, probably hoping that the answer has something to do with gunpowder and large projectiles.

A nice Sunday drive or a walk in the park usually means taking the scenic route and that is always a refreshing change of pace.  Northfield has many trails perfect for hiking, biking, running, and casual walking.  But there’s more to explore in Minnesota if you are willing to go the distance and venture beyond your back door.

So, what’s happening this week?  Labor Day celebrations?  Those were yesterday—check!

The dog days of summer are upon us—I’m talking about the temperature here—hot, sultry, above normal, those lazy, hot days at the end of summer.  (For a nice explanation of what the phrase really means, visit nationalgeographic.com.)  Once we get into August, the summer seems to pass quickly before our attention swings back toward the school year and sports and shopping.

Spring has finally arrived in Northfield.  How do I know this?  Because most of the snow piles have melted, the low temperatures are predicted to be above freezing, it is May, and, the best indicator of all, lots of people are wearing shorts.  It is now time for some serious vernalizing. 

The temps are dropping, it’s almost Christmas, and you can’t wait to get outdoors before it gets really really cold, like 30 below zero. You’ve got your ice skates in hand and hockey stick nearby. Now, where to go? Oh, right! That year-round indoor/outdoor place, the Northfield Ice Arena is close and the Faribault Ice Arena is nearby too!

Boo! The Mill Town Haunt is closed for 2017. This trick is no treat for local fans of the family friendly charity-fundraiser in Dundas. However, they promise to be back better than ever next year but where do families take their costumed impressionable wee-ones now?