About Me

Hi, I’m Jesse. I am a husband to Kathryn, father to Robert and Henry, the oldest of five children, an ultimate frisbee fan, a creative story teller, a homeschool graduate, a Rotarian, a website developer, and oh yes, I also sell real estate. I have enjoyed living abroad in France and Israel, travelling the world learning about myself, and making new discoveries right outside my front door. Meeting people and building meaningful connections has always been my passion.

I’ve found that learning about someone is way better over a beer or chai (I don’t drink coffee) than reading a cold, flat “about the agent” paragraph. It’s less about the drinking and more about the opportunity to cross-examine and go deeper on rabbit trails and push for more details, especially about mutual interests.

I got into real estate to connect with people. While there isn’t time in the life cycle of a real estate transaction to establish deep connections, being open to learning what makes someone tick does help me advise them about the right home for them. Through my 17+ years and 200+ transactions in real estate, I have met a lot of people. I have seen some buy the first house they looked at, while others have looked at 60+ homes making an offer on zero. The time I’ve spent with them has taught me a great deal, and many deals have been a great time.

I have called Northfield home since moving to Minnesota in 2010. The things I love about Northfield are the festivals, the civic engagement, the pedestrian-friendly historic downtown, the Cannon River, and local points of interest like the Red Barn Farm and the mill ruins in Dundas. In recent times, I have played in a recreational volleyball league, joined the Rotary, and helped several local businesses with websites, which is not much of a departure from my younger days.

While at Kalamazoo College I participated in intramural volleyball, ultimate frisbee, sailing regattas, frisbee golf, InterVarsity, and more. The things I enjoyed most allowed me to connect with a small group of people around a common interest. Some of my favorite memories are of meeting friends for a midnight burger at Quadstop and playing round after round of frisbee golf during any free moment not spent in academic pursuits.

One of my current passions is Rotary Youth Exchange. Northfield has a history of sending out several high school students every year and playing host to as many as we can on a regular basis. I enjoy working with the many Rotary volunteers who toil tirelessly on behalf of our outbound and inbound students. Having spent time studying abroad in college, I believe in the many benefits of Rotary’s exchange program for high school students and I will do what I can to support any student’s desire to be a Rotary exchange student.