The latest in apartment living in Northfield can be found downtown at 5th Street Lofts and down the road apiece on Jefferson Road at Timberlake Apartments. Both built in 2020-2021, they have much to offer the discerning renter.

It has been said that the only thing that you can count on is change. And so it is in Northfield. The latest winds of change swept over two elementary schools—Sibley and Longfellow. In October 2020, the school board considered changes in policy regarding the naming of school buildings and facilities.

Check out what's happening this summer and fall with a video update from the Northfield Schools Superintendent.

It's getting greener out there every day, and you can green up too! Earth day is a great reminder of all that our community is doing, (to steal a popular slogan), to "live responsibly by nature". But we can always be doing more. I know I can and this year I am redoubling my efforts to figure out which plastics go in recycling and which ones I shouldn't be acquiring in the first place.

Currently, the real estate market is short on inventory. Do not fear. Technology is coming to the rescue. All you need is $10,000, a couple of days, a few friends, and a special printer. That’s what the San Francisco-based company Apis Cor did with a partner in Russia earlier this year. And voila! A house, market- ready, except for inspections. Or check out the tiny house built by college student Alex Le Roux in Houston, Texas in June, 2016.

As of February, Northfield and six other Minnesota communities sported a new kind of community garden. This one is a community shared solar array, commonly called a solar garden.

Northfield Curbside Composting - coming to a curb near you. If you garden or subscribe to a local CSA then composting may be old news. But for everyone else, what to do with all that garbage you generate may be a daily chore.

When they say "Location is king", they're not kidding. Purchasing real estate for investment may not be your primary focus, but depending on the location, it could be part of the conversation. As the college football season gets underway this week, take a look at these weekend rentals near a major college football stadium.

One of the great things in real estate today is the popularity of tiny houses. If you watch HGTV you'll see shows that focus on buyers hunting specifically for tiny houses, dwellings with extremely small footprints, often mobile in some fashion.

The indoor fire sprinkler mandate for new construction is down for now. How would you feel about having them in your home?

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