Time to skate! Where to find area ice arenas and rinks

Time to skate! Where to find area ice arenas and rinks

The temps are dropping, it’s almost Christmas, and you can’t wait to get outdoors before it gets really really cold, like 30 below zero. You’ve got your ice skates in hand and hockey stick nearby. Now, where to go? Oh, right! That year-round indoor/outdoor place, the Northfield Ice Arena is close and the Faribault Ice Arena is nearby too! They’re both great places to skate but you were hoping to skate NOW and free.

Northfield Ice Arena

Some of Northfield’s parks, like Clarkson Park, have outdoor ice rinks and are open for skating from December to January, weather permitting. Others in the park system worth checking out are Babcock Park, Way Park, and Washington Park. Minneapolis has 24 outdoor ice rinks at parks and Clara James at tripsavvy.com describes ten places that she rates as the best including lakes and downtown St. Paul. And there’s also that new skating trail in Maple Grove that sounds like great fun—a refrigerated skating trail through a park—free, different, unique, and smooth!

But you really were looking forward to swinging that hockey stick and maybe playing a little broomball. Tripsavvy.com includes many places that accommodate those activities and if they’re too far to go, then use the rinkfinder.com link to see if anything there suits you. If all else fails, schedule a pool truck to stop by, or at the very least, get a very large hose to get you started. Whatever you do, always remember, have fun and keep your stick on the ice.

CREDIT: pixabay.com