Volunteer, connect to the community, serve locally

As you're going through your home and tidying up this week, why not consider donating some children's clothes and toys? Northfield Nursery School is putting on a garage sale event and needs your stuff! 

The sale will be happening April 27-29. Contact me or the school to get involved!

Northfield Curbside Composting - coming to a curb near you. If you garden or subscribe to a local CSA then composting may be old news. But for everyone else, what to do with all that garbage you generate may be a daily chore.

Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter like to build homes.  They've been doing it for 32 years - but always alongside other volunteers and always for the betterment of the community.  That's Habitat for Humanity - showing the love of Jesus Christ by swinging a hammer, cleaning up the worksite, feeding the volunteers, any number of ways that all contribute toward providing affordable housing for those without.

George Washington once said, "Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful, and most noble employment of man."  Indeed, mankind would struggle to survive without the dedicated efforts of farmers everywhere.  To help all Americans better understand the hows and whys of agriculture within our society, the Agriculture Council of America celebrates National Ag Day every March.  What better way to join in the celebration March 21 than to support your local

It's November--a month of harvest, preparation, and sharing. We all enjoy the bounty of our land. Truly, it is a special time to celebrate with family and friends. Open Arms of Minnesota (www.openarmsmn.org) invites you to help them do just that--work in their garden, prepare meals in the kitchen, work in their office, or deliver the meals yourself to those in the Twin Cities with life-threatening illnesses.

Community-Supported Agriculture is becoming a household term around Northfield. Many people have owned a share or split a share at one time or another. Owning a share is a great way to connect with a local farming family and get yourself some quality locally grown fruits and vegetables throughout the summer. Some farms also offer eggs and fowl as well. Check with the farm for share availability as many fill up quickly.

The groundbreaking for a 2016 build in Northfield is happening next week on August 10th on site at 805 1st Street West, on a cul-de-sac that ends at Way Park. All are invited to be a part of new beginnings where a home will be built again at this location. A short ceremony will be held at 7pm and you'll have a chance to meet the partner family.

This week 30 bands will give 100 concerts in 4 days in Northfield and surrounding towns. My family looks forward to this event since we all love outdoor concerts. There's something really nice about getting out and about during the summer months to create family memories with timeless music. Northfield does a very good job of presenting history in a personal way through many events all year round.

If you're into winter activities, this is an organization you'll want to get to know. They are out and about all winter long, caring for trails, organizing rides and offering education and safety tips for snowmobiles and riders.

An annual clean up day occurs every September organized by the Cannon River Watershed Partnership and sponsored by many local companies. Get a group together from your business, church, neighborhood or just sign up by yourself. Bring your family!

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