In celebration of agriculture


George Washington once said, "Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful, and most noble employment of man."  Indeed, mankind would struggle to survive without the dedicated efforts of farmers everywhere.  To help all Americans better understand the hows and whys of agriculture within our society, the Agriculture Council of America celebrates National Ag Day every March.  What better way to join in the celebration March 21 than to support your local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farmer?  Read their blogs, visit their farms, shop their markets.  Or better yet, become a member and buy a share in the farm. 

Sign-up days vary and some CSA farms fill up fast but if you check a CSA directory, you may find some openings still available.  (Click here to see a listing.)  Farms like Northfield's Spring Wind Farm is accepting new members until March 15.  Memberships include shares ranging from working, half, and full.  Many deliver to nearby towns and sell at local markets as well as at their farm.  They offer everything from staple crops to lesser known; fruits, vegetables, and herbs; flowers and landscaping plants; meats and eggs; and more. 

Something is always happening down on the farm.  Read their stories at their blogs.  Check out their special activities and classes for all ages.  Learn about the ups and downs and benefits of this "noble employment of man" and celebrate!  Celebrate the beauty and bounty of the world around you with the people who make it happen.  That could be you!

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