Get Involved

Volunteer, connect to the community, serve locally

“In every job that must be done there is an element of fun.
You find the fun and snap! The job’s a game...”
Mary Poppins, A Spoonful of Sugar

Whether it is tidying up the nursery or cleaning the local stretch of the Cannon River, work done with friends old and new is never really work.

It’s April and summer sports are just around the corner.  Northfield Community Services and the Northfield Family YMCA have lots to offer families, preschoolers, primary students, teens, and adults.   Online registrations for community

It was 1900. Change was everywhere. Thousands of people were fleeing oppression, political upheaval, and famine to come to our shores. Industry boomed with new technology. New scientific practices invaded human thinking and the education of our nation moving God and a religious worldview out and secularism in. Our population began to shift from the country to urban centers.

Giving with open hearts and helping hands—this is a spirit of community, where life is valued and service is second-nature. This is Minnesota. According to a 2015 federal report, Minnesota ranks second in the nation for volunteering.

Every year on the weekend after Labor Day since 1948, the people of Northfield have been honoring their brave predecessors for their efforts to thwart a bank robbery in 1876 by that notorious outlaw Jesse James. The James-Younger gang hailed from Missouri, a border state with divided loyalties over secession and slavery and rife with conflict.

School is out and summer is here.  Yay!  Are your kids bored yet?  No?  Yay, again.  But, when that time comes, why not take them to the park?  Northfield's parks are a great place to unwind, rewind, play, and enjoy the outdoors.  There are playgrounds, soccer fields, walking trails, picnic tables, lots of green and open spaces.  And, on certain Wednesdays from 1:00pm to 4:00 pm throughout the summer, there will be Arts in the Park brought to you by the friendly and creative folks at Northfield's United Methodist Church. 

Minnesota is an interesting state.  Traditionally, farms conjure images of wheat fields, livestock and dairy production.  They consist of large tracts of land worked by one family for generations.  In recent years, Minnesotans have tweaked that picture.  They may now involve the community to help young families grow a successful farm through CSA programs or produce alternative sources of energy on solar or wind farms.  They may

If this is a Saturday in June, then it must be the Riverwalk Market Fair.  Welcome to Northfield's own open-air market!  Located in historic downtown Northfield, this event, now in its seventh year, fills Bridge Square and spills unto the Cannon River Walkway every Saturday now through October 22.  Vendors are ready to welcome you come rain or shine from 9 am to 1 pm.  Enjoy the scenery as you shop their booths for locally grown summ

Northfield is indeed home to "Cows, Colleges, and Contentment" but what about preschools? Your little sweetie may be brilliant but may not yet meet all the entrance requirements of Northfield's local colleges. So, what educational opportunities does it have to offer the leaders of tomorrow? And when you find them, what should you look for in their preschool program?

Happening this week is the annual book fair, put on by the Northfield Hospital Auxiliary at the Northfield Ice Arena. Thousands of books will be donated and thousands will be sold - all to raise thousands of dollars for projects and scholarships at the hospital.