True Story

In my younger days I was a fearless real estate agent. One day I was showing a house to a buyer when I noticed the house next door appeared to be under construction. Actually, that wasn't my initial assessment. At first glance I thought the homeowner maybe needed some help or perhaps had reconsidered the construction prospects. I decided to see what the story was. 

Back in the day, I had several listings of vacant land down by the river. How I obtained all those listings is a story in and of itself, which I'll get to another time. Everyone was curious about the riverfront property listings and I got A LOT of calls because the price was so cheap.

One day at the office, I was "sitting on floor", which is not a euphemism for a time out, it was merely my turn to answer the phones if anyone called the office about a listing or wanted general real estate advice. The phone rang and the receptionist patched him through to me and shrugged saying, "He said it's a wrong number but, I don't know." Great, I thought.