Getting Settled

Information for newcomers to jumpstart familiarity with local resources

Well over one hundred years ago, when travelers needed gasoline, tire repair or directions, they made their way to the filling station. From general store to sidewalk pumps to the covered drive-in station, the filling station made filling their tanks convenient and safe, even providing free air and water. Despite advancements in technology, not much has changed.

The latest in apartment living in Northfield can be found downtown at 5th Street Lofts and down the road apiece on Jefferson Road at Timberlake Apartments. Both built in 2020-2021, they have much to offer the discerning renter.

With this week’s near-record low temperatures and Northfield’s school closures, I find myself wondering simultaneously how to keep myself inside my nice cozy house and how to get my kids out of it. As much fun as it is to have them both home, it’s hard to get our two sons enough exercise to keep them happy and out of trouble.

When I moved to Northfield a little over eight years ago, I was accompanied by my wife, Kathryn, and her ancient and beloved fox terrier, William (pictured on a walk some time ago). Among our first projects as we settled in was figuring out how to take care of William in our new city.

Are you new to town or have you lived here forever?  Do you have school-aged children or are yours the four-legged variety?  Whatever your situation, Northfield Public Schools has something to offer you.

“It’s okay to grow older.  Just don’t grow old.”  I have found myself saying this a lot lately—to friends and to family, but mostly to myself.

Everyone likes to help others.  When we think of neighbors, we think of Fred Rogers:  “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood/ A beautiful day for a neighbor/ Would you be mine?/ Could you be mine?...”   Yes, we answer!

Sunshine and shorts are upon us.  School will soon be a faint memory, all of that mental rigor overtaken by physical summer sports vigor.  Exercising the mind and the body are both important for good health but do not neglect exercising the most important muscle of all—your heart.  Cultivating and challenging faith and values is a daily necessity and now is the ideal time to make a little space in your summer schedule for family participa

So you’re new to town?  Meet me at the Y!  The YMCA is all about community and it is a good place to start your exploration of Northfield.  From its humble London origins in the early 1800s to its sleek and modern centers around the world today, the Y continues to reach out to all who come their way as a refuge for help, support, and life enrichment.  It has more to offer than swim lessons.  Let’s take a look.

Do what you know best; if you’re a runner, run, if you’re a bell, ring. - Ignas Bernstein,