Winter in Minnesota is a time for adventure, wonder, and sharing. Yes, it is long, lasting from late October to April. Yes, it is cold, with wind chills taking bearable temps hovering around 0 degrees to a downright chilly -30 degrees. However, the sunshine after a heavy snowstorm can provide enough of a warm-up for a fun day of sledding, skiing, ice hockey, or just playing in the snow. Even snow shoveling can be an adventure.

Happy New Year! A new year of possibilities! A new year of fun and community activities! And, a new year of—snow! That means more skating, hockey, fishing, festivals, and shoveling! Hope Santa brought you a sturdy shovel.

The temps are dropping, it’s almost Christmas, and you can’t wait to get outdoors before it gets really really cold, like 30 below zero. You’ve got your ice skates in hand and hockey stick nearby. Now, where to go? Oh, right! That year-round indoor/outdoor place, the Northfield Ice Arena is close and the Faribault Ice Arena is nearby too!

Okay. This IS Minnesota. Winters are cold, snowy, and icy. These are givens but large icicles growing from roof edges are never a good sign. They may be pretty but they indicate heat loss from the home that can create ice dams that can damage your home inside and out. When roofs do not have proper uniform insulation and ventilation, then warm air may escape causing accumulated snow on the roof to melt.