True Story: Door Knocking

In my younger days I was a fearless real estate agent. One day I was showing a house to a buyer when I noticed the house next door appeared to be under construction. Actually, that wasn't my initial assessment. At first glance I thought the homeowner maybe needed some help or perhaps had reconsidered the construction prospects. I decided to see what the story was. 

I knocked on the front door. When the owner answered, I introduced myself and said I was in the neighborhood showing the house next door and asked if he had ever considered selling. I left out the part about his house looking like... well, let's just call it a mid-construction status. 

He said yes, in fact, he preferred to sell as-is and not have to repair his house any further. I had him sign a short term listing contract for the price the seller wanted. With no advertising at all, I brought several buyers through that I was working with personally who were looking for an affordable fixer upper. One of my buyers made an offer that the seller accepted. As I recall, the buyer said, "It's just too good an opportunity to pass up!" In addition, I then helped the seller go buy another house for his family. All from knocking on the door!