It is spring, and everyone in my family has gone garden crazy. My wife and sons have been weeding, digging, and planting everything in sight, they eat as many meals as possible outside on a picnic blanket, and they’ve secured permission from more neighbors than I knew we had to collect dandelion flowers for their jelly operation.

Here it is! Your opportunity to enhance and restore a classic two story home. Keep as a duplex or convert this home to single family. Improve the property and take advantage of prime location for investment. Comes with a valid Rental License. Consider this your "as is" investment.

Found a house to buy - check. Purchase agreement signed - check. Earnest money delivered - check, literally. Inspection results - deferred maintenance, safety hazards, broken appliances. What options does a buyer have at this point to negotiate repairs?

When you buy real estate you may negotiate a contingency for inspections. Sometimes called the Due Diligence period or Period of Discovery, this gives a buyer a chance to act on the legal notion of Caveat Emptor by becoming aware of the property being purchased. Let's look at some common things to consider during inspections.

It's getting greener out there every day, and you can green up too! Earth day is a great reminder of all that our community is doing, (to steal a popular slogan), to "live responsibly by nature". But we can always be doing more. I know I can and this year I am redoubling my efforts to figure out which plastics go in recycling and which ones I shouldn't be acquiring in the first place.

Easter is almost here, and all the rabbits that didn’t drown in yesterday’s downpour are looking forward this weekend’s egg hunts. More specifically, they’re looking forward to eating our newly sprouted gardens while we’re all away at egg hunts. In order to give them ample opportunity, here’s a rundown of events this weekend in and around Northfield. As a bonus, I’ll also highlight one or two Spring events for next weekend.

Excellent value with like-new home! Notice the details in the meticulously maintained lawn and well-maintained driveway. Come inside off the front porch and experience the spacious main level with 1500+ finished square feet.

It can't be understated: smoke detectors can save your life. They are inexpensive, easy to install and must be checked on a regular basis. Take the time for safety in the home.

Not all smoke detectors are created equal. It shouldn't take a horror story to convince you of the importance of having working smoke detectors in your home, but in case you need some examples, check out these videos.

New on the market! Discover the benefits of Brockman Pointe Condominiums in Northfield where the association fee includes lawn care, snow removal, exterior maintenance and the water and sewer bill. 

Spring is coming fast now, and it’s time to start planning the gardens we’ve been dreaming of all winter. Garden catalogs have been arriving at our house thick and fast, and my three-year-old pages through them identifying the plants he’d like to have in his garden (hint: it’s pretty much all of them).