The Home Search

While house hunting, you will be extra aware of all sorts of real estate things. It is as if the real estate market will come alive for you. This phenomenon of “what you focus on expands” means that when you are actively engaged in something like buying a house your world will suddenly be full of things that were invisible to you previously.

You may also find that your friends and co-workers will “house shop” vicariously through you as you share with them your experience in the real estate market. Please feel free to give them my card if they’d like any help with real estate.

You may find it helpful to bring along your parents, friends or children as “consultants.” Please know that as we tour homes I will be focused on you. In my experience, your house hunting must be 100% about your needs and those of your family, and about finding the house that will meet your needs and make your wallet happy. Let’s all focus on our common goal – and get you a great home.

I believe strongly in the village approach. I am your coach and I will help manage your team. There are important decisions you need to make, and my goal with this book is not only to break down the steps of how to buy a house but also to reduce future instances of “if we had known” and help you do it right the first time. An investment this big deserves your time and full attention. Be confident that I will be giving it all I’ve got.

Whether you are casually looking or actively searching for your next home, please feel free to let me know! It never hurts to have a friend in real estate. Fill out my Buyer Profile form and tell me what you're looking for. Even if you're not ready to commit to having a Realtor represent you as a Buyer's Agent, you may welcome a call from me if I come across a property that meets your criteria.

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