Northfield Community Services serving you


Are you new to town or have you lived here forever?  Do you have school-aged children or are yours the four-legged variety?  Whatever your situation, Northfield Public Schools has something to offer you.  Yes, Northfield Public Schools Community Services (NCS), that is.  Northfield Public Schools do not only provide educational programming for children.  Their mission is “to deliver educational excellence that empowers all learners to engage in our dynamic world.”  And that means you, everyone in the community from the very young to the very old, including the non-English speakers and the disabled.  Their idea of community education embraces lifelong learning and recreation, classes that teach the basics, the extras, and the how-tos and the what-does-this-mean of life as well as the arts, good health, and physical fitness.

The Community Services division of Northfield Public Schools offers sports teams, physical fitness classes, and driver education to children and teens.  If your family grew up in the area then you are probably familiar with this part of NCS.  Remember all those soccer games in the rain, the exciting lacrosse matches, and lo-o-ong T-ball games?    There are so many sports for every season, indoor and out, that it can be hard to choose what to do.   Then there are all those great classes in arts, music, and theatre.  What fun!

Lady and student in libraryMaybe you also heard about the many classes for babies and preschoolers, perhaps in aquatics?  That’s not all they offer.  There’s Hand in Hand Preschool, a learning center, a school readiness program, and early childhood screening.  They also have classes for the family called Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE).  These cover topics such as baby and toddler sleeping problems as well as parenting skills, and offer support from other parents.  They also have special events and summer camp—imagine that!  Fun with creepy crawlies, rocks, and exploring the outdoors, just for a start.

Children aren’t the only ones to have fun.  NCS offers classes for adults of all ages and abilities in the Arts and Literature, Dog Training, Language, CPR and First Aid, General Interest, and Personal Finance.  Learn or just enjoy painting with friends; discover your inner musician while you learn to play the ukulele.  Find out how to figure your finances or will.  Explore the many fitness, adventure, and martial arts classes.  There’s more than just a few bend and stretch classes.  Have you ever wanted to master roping a cow—yes, a cow--from horseback or fly fish, trap shoot, sail, or find out what Outdoor Pickleball is all about?  Project ABLE offers classes and activities for adults with disabilities including a summer dance and a night bowling league.  There are also classes for people who want to improve their English language skills—or learn it—as well as prepare for the GED, the Accuplacer or TEAS, and prepare for U.S. Citizenship.  Seniors are not to be left out.  Special classes and activities are available through the Northfield Senior Center.  The NCS collaborates with other area and county organizations to offer great classes and help to those who need it.

Enrolling in the fun is one way to be involved in the NCS.  Another way to be involved is to donate time and money.  Volunteering your support, experience and expertise requires time but reaps great benefits for everyone involved.   Teach a class in something you love; coach a sports’ team; mentor youth; tutor children; help adults achieve their dreams; attend school board meetings or help in some other leadership capacity.  The opportunities are endless.  And when your head stops spinning from all the options here, you can help some student by giving to “Sponsor a Kid Scholarship Fund.”  Whether you are new to Northfield or a longtime resident, check out the Northfield Community Services and have fun as you explore and serve.

Credit:  Northfield Public Schools