Those lakes in Lakeville

Minnesota, the land of lots of lakes and great fishing.  That means, you don't have to travel far to find fun places for fishing and recreational water activities, even south of the Twin Cities.  Take Lakeville, for instance.  It is twenty miles south of the downtown districts of Minneapolis and St. Paul, is a growing suburb in Dakota County and still has a small town feel to it.  And it has five lakes, ponds, wetlands, and plenty of parks for all your memory-making needs.

Lake Marion and Orchard Lake are the largest of the natural lakes.  They boast beaches, boat launches, fishing piers, parks, and campgrounds.  Both specialize in Northern Pike and bluegill and Lake Marion is the place for Largemouth Bass fans and shoreline fishing.  You will also find crappie, walleye, and sunfish.  Valley Lake, a small man-made lake in the northern part of the city, has a fishing pier, swimming beach, and is stocked by the DNR for its Fishing in the Neighborhood Program.  For something different and a slower pace, visit Kingsley Lake.  No motors above ten horsepower are allowed in order to give you a closer look at the native aquatic plants, the floating mats of carnivorous sundew plants, and the common loons that breed there.

FishRun or walk the Juno Trail System, play in any of the parks, explore the natural lake settings, or catch dinner off a pier.  Whatever you do, Lakeville has much to offer.  This summer check out those lakes in Lakeville.  Go to and for more information.