Northfield's Vintage Band Festival


Every 3 years musicians from around the country gather in Northfield for 4 days of musical mayhem in various venues around town. It's not just any concert series though, because, you see, all the instruments are super old. Vintage, even. The music is old too, harkening back to bygone days, times of yore, and such. It is actually a very fun thing to attend.

We had just moved to Northfield when the Vintage Band Festival was going on. On a break from unpacking mountains of boxes we moseyed around town and took in some of the performances.  A personal friend from the old "back home" happened to be a member of one of the bands so we of course took special care to see Andre perform. The heat in early August certainly can be a bit.... discouraging.... but braving the elements is part of the vintage experience. It's definitely worth experiencing as part of small town Minnesota, even if you're not a fan of good music.

Seeing the vintage instruments (amazingly well preserved and sounding really good!) and the performers in appropriate period garb is really nice. It's all part of the show! One of the memorable performances was a series of baseball songs with narration about Casey being at the bat. We sat on the grass in Bridge Square and in view of the old post office and the Cannon River, we felt just a little more at home.

The festival's website has the schedule for this year ->