Compost & Recycling in Northfield

It's getting greener out there every day, and you can green up too! Earth day is a great reminder of all that our community is doing, (to steal a popular slogan), to "live responsibly by nature". But we can always be doing more. I know I can and this year I am redoubling my efforts to figure out which plastics go in recycling and which ones I shouldn't be acquiring in the first place.

Northfield has many resources to take your recycling and composting to reuse and help reduce what goes to the landfill. Have old batteries? Lithium and rechargeable batteries can be recycled at the local Ace Hardware store. While it may be safe to dispose of some Alkaline batteries in the trash (see the Minnesota PCA site for details), you might think twice and instead consider taking them to Cleanlites in Lakeville. They'll take them for 55 cents per pound, and keep them out of the landfill.

The municipal compost site is open for the season and ready for your yard cleanup! Check the hours and details on the city website for bringing your yard waste - While you're browsing the rules about sunset and closing time, you'll probably notice instructions for organic composting, but did you know that Northfield Curbside Compost will pick up your kitchen scraps weekly? They'll even give you a bucket! Sign up on their website and get started, it's easier than you may expect.

The City of Northfield has been working hard on specific actions our community should take to be good local and global citizens. Stay current on the advisory board's activities and recommendations by following the website -

Northfield's Rotary Club is very active on climate action and will be rolling out new and innovative ways to make an impact - check it out on the district website

When it comes to your DSI recycling, keep up on the list of acceptable items so you're maximizing your win over the "easy stuff", as I call it. They recently announced a 95 gallon cart for recyclables, so take advantage, and flex your muscles hauling even more clean and loose recyclables to the curb every other week.

You can recycle or safely dispose of many other items around Northfield, such as:

  • Bubble wrap - UPS Store at Graphic Mailbox
  • Cell phones - Target or Lions Club Boxes
  • Christmas Lights - Ace Hardware (Nov-Dec only) or First UCC (1st Sat of the month)
  • Eyeglasses - Lions Club Boxes
  • Plastic Bags - Cub Foods or Family Fare or Target
  • Prescription Meds - Northfield Police Station

For a full list, contact the good people at Bethel Lutheran Church and consider joining your own community group in support of making our area known for green thinking and social action.