Nice to have a safety net.

A home warranty is a common part of a real estate transaction. The cost is around $600 per year and covers appliances, mechanicals and other components of a home. But if I already have homeowners insurance, why would I want a home warranty?

Because it can save you money, that's why.

When I was a child, landscaping meant adding a border and mulch to spruce up your flowerbed and the term outdoor space was redundant. But, like many other things, these terms have evolved. Landscaping has become an art form, encompassing design and the environment.

The latest in apartment living in Northfield can be found downtown at 5th Street Lofts and down the road apiece on Jefferson Road at Timberlake Apartments. Both built in 2020-2021, they have much to offer the discerning renter.

It has been said that the only thing that you can count on is change. And so it is in Northfield. The latest winds of change swept over two elementary schools—Sibley and Longfellow. In October 2020, the school board considered changes in policy regarding the naming of school buildings and facilities.

One hundred forty-five years ago a notorious outlaw gang rode into town with plans to rob the First National Bank, but brave citizens of Northfield rallied to the cry, “Get your guns, boys—they’re robbing the bank!” and denied them one more cash withdrawal.  That day, brave men put their lives on the line and defended their bank and their right to live in peace, and the James—Younger Gang was never the same.  

In my younger days I was a fearless real estate agent. One day I was showing a house to a buyer when I noticed the house next door appeared to be under construction. Actually, that wasn't my initial assessment. At first glance I thought the homeowner maybe needed some help or perhaps had reconsidered the construction prospects. I decided to see what the story was. 

In June 2020, the coronavirus was spreading, countries across the world were mandating distancing and restricting human contact, and individuals were struggling to get a handle on rapid change and increasing chaos.  Amidst confusion and growing anxiety worldwide, a group of students, academics, and professionals - several from Northfield - began meeting on Zoom to address urgent needs for hunger relief in Bangladesh. I was one of them.

Back in the day, I had several listings of vacant land down by the river. How I obtained all those listings is a story in and of itself, which I'll get to another time. Everyone was curious about the riverfront property listings and I got A LOT of calls because the price was so cheap.

One day at the office, I was "sitting on floor", which is not a euphemism for a time out, it was merely my turn to answer the phones if anyone called the office about a listing or wanted general real estate advice. The phone rang and the receptionist patched him through to me and shrugged saying, "He said it's a wrong number but, I don't know." Great, I thought.

Word Scramble

Here's this month's word scramble, a good old fashioned hunt for words in a sea of letters. I used to love these in my younger days. Included on the PDF is this month's local market update.

This month's puzzle theme is Edina Area. Enjoy!