So, how smart is your home?


Smart phones. Smart cars. Smart homes. So, what makes them so smart? It's their connections, so to speak. According to Dann Albright of it's that "the appliances and devices throughout the house are connected and controlled from a central device." Once cell phones were connected to the internet, there was no stopping their creative developers from using them to communicate with, well, everything as well as everybody. Devices have been produced for home automation; this isn't new - remember the Clapper Sound Activated On/Off Switch? But now they are made to communicate with one another and for you to control them using the internet or wireless technology.

Using such devices to control temperature, lighting, security, safety or entertainment can save you energy and time. Converting your home doesn't have to be expensive either. Joel Lee walks you through the basics with recommendations and price comparisons in "How Much Does a Smart Home Really Cost?" So, there you have it. The future is literally knocking on your doorstep. For more information on the subject, check out these articles:

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