Save energy and keep cool


When summer temps rise, you don’t have to head to cooler climates to keep cool. The Minnesota Department of Commerce website offers tips and strategies to keep cool and save energy costs at home while you are there or away. They recommend that you use your windows to naturally ventilate your home: open them at night to let in cool air and close them in the morning to keep it in before the day heats up. Keep your air conditioner in good running condition. Install energy saving window treatments to help the air stay cooler longer. Use your thermostat efficiently: set it as high as comfortably possible while you are home and keep your home warmer than normal while away. Using a programmable thermostat will help you stay on track here and keep the candles from melting. Use fans along with your air conditioning. Keep your heating and cooling systems maintained to ensure optimum performance. Use your lights and home appliances—oven, stove, washer, dryer, dish washer—wisely to keep your home as cool as possible on those extra hot days. Check for air leakage into your home and learn how best to seal them. Read more helpful information here and suggestions to maintain home cooling here . Read more good information about Minnesota heat safety here .