Habitat for Humanity's Community Builders


Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter like to build homes.  They've been doing it for 32 years - but always alongside other volunteers and always for the betterment of the community.  That's Habitat for Humanity - showing the love of Jesus Christ by swinging a hammer, cleaning up the worksite, feeding the volunteers, any number of ways that all contribute toward providing affordable housing for those without.

Volunteers are older teens and adults who help one time or several times, individually or in groups.  Workers may help build, provide hospitality, give financially, advocate, supervise.  The Toolbox for Support on the Volunteer page is a great resource for needs and jobs and contacts.  For information for the Rice County affiliate go to http://habitatricecounty.org/volunteer.

Last fall, the Rice County affiliate launched Community Builders, a new program to connect with local churches and businesses.  The purpose of establishing Faithbuilder Congregations and Builder Businesses is to develop contacts and financial support for local projects.   Opportunities to help are just around the corner.  Check out the website at http://habitatricecounty.org/  to discover how to apply as a Partnering Family or Volunteer and help build a stronger community.   

Clipart   Credit:  habitatricecounty.org